Novosibirsk State Local History Museum

Краеведческий музей

Novosibirsk State Local History Museum is one of the main museums of Novosibirsk. It was founded in 2010 as the Main Local Museum of Novonikolaevsk. Ansimirov V.A. became its first principal. The first expositions that took place in this museum were astronomical exposition and geological one. From the late 1920-s until the end of 1930-s, it was the leading museum of the West Siberian Region. In 1940-s a famous archivist and local historian, E.D. Strelov, worked as the principal of this museum.

Novosibirsk State Local History Museum has a huge number of valuable exhibits. There are several collections, each of which will be interesting for a certain target audience.

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Some exhibits, such as the huge mammoth skeleton will amaze everyone’s imagination, even the imagination of the most skeptical visitors. The collection of household items and culture of the Siberian peoples, that used to inhabit this territory, is very authentic. The spirit of history is felt in every subject, the scenes of the forgotten past pass through our eyes. Besides, there are unusual collections of glass, books, maps, coins and porcelain in the museum.

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You can get from our hotel to the State Local History Museum:
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Новосибирский музей

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