Modern hotel in Novosibirsk
Вай фай в гостинице Н новосибирск

Free Wi-Fi

Парковка у гостиницы Н Новосибирск

Open air and closed parking

Трансфер гостиницы Н Новосибирск

Airport shuttle

Курение запрещено (иконка)

Non-smoking rooms

Кафе в гостинице Н Новосибирск

Cozy café

Работаем круглосуточно 24 часа

24-hour front desk

The hotel H Novosibirsk

Rooms for any budget

Cozy café

Special offers

Guest reviews



Этот именно тот случай, когда как бы не хотелось, но придраться реально не к чему!)

В номере, как и за его пределами – чистота, нет запаха курева ни в номере, ни в коридорах (видно, что за этим действительно следят на деле), вся техника работает исправно. Кровать и постельное тоже супер 👍

Особенно хочу отметить работу кафе: все максимально приветливы, ощущаешь себя, как дома (модерн решает), а кухня… – ощутил себя, как в деревне у бабушки! Думаю Константин Ивлев оценил бы это место своим коронным изречением: «когда вкусно, тогда вкусно»!

Однозначно рекомендую, заслуженные 10/10 🤝

Теперь, если в Новосибирск, то только к Вам 👉


Frequently asked questions

Hotel “N” offers 28 single and double comfortable rooms of different types: Standard, Comfort and Superior.

Cash/ credit card

You can make a reservation on our website or call us.

If you are at the airport, take a taxi or a bus. If you are at the Railway Station, you can walk.

Fill in the booking form on our website. Use promo code “Skidka10” in the booking form and get a 10% discount.

Special offers

How to rent a cheap room
on the official website of the hotel

Скидка на услуги в гостинице Н

-15% Discount

The discount is available for the entire period of stay when booking 2 days before the date
Вдвоем отдыхать в гостинице Н

Do not pass by!

The opportunity to save money on accommodation in the Hotel "N"

Hotel “N” in Novosibirsk

Welcome to the official website of Hotel “N”!
The hotel is located in Zheleznodorozhny district of Novosibirsk in close proximity to the business center of the city, within walking distance from “Novosibirsk Glavnyiy” Railway station and Garin Mikhaylovsky Square Subway Station.

From the outside, this modern hotel is designed in urban style of the beginning of the last century. From the inside, the hotel meets the modern requirements: the building is equipped with an air conditioning system and a noiseless elevator; the interior is made of the environmentally friendly materials.

Many different reasons bring people to Novosibirsk: tourist trip with family or friends, business trip, internship, transit stop, etc.

“Comfort” and “Superior” rooms, located on the hotel’s upper floors, offer a picturesque view of the River Ob. Novosibirsk Water Park is seen very clearly from there. “Standard” rooms face the hotel courtyard, its north side. It’s quieter place for a full rest in busy Novosibirsk.

The café of the hotel pampers our guests with tasty home-cooked meals. You can get to the café without leaving the hotel. Breakfast can be included. In that way, guests choose the dishes they like under the “buffet” system. Lunch and/or dinner can be also included.

If you travel by car, open air and closed parking are always at your service. Novosibirsk is a very interesting city with lots of sights. The administrator of Hotel “N” will help you combine your rest with cultural program. Novosibirsk Zoo, Planetarium, Water Park, lots of theatres, museums, parks, memorials, restaurants, and unique historical places are waiting for our inquisitive guests.

During your stay in Novosibirsk, you can rent an apartment or a room, stay at an expensive hostel or choose a comfortable room at the hotel. Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. As a rule, it’s not so difficult to rent an apartment or a room for a couple of days – you just need to contact realtors and they will find you the most convenient variant in the shortest possible period of time. However, all of us understand that it’s impossible to rent a cheap apartment for two simple reasons: 1 – overpayments to realtors, 2 – good and cheap are almost contradictory terms. Besides, you should understand how the process of apartment renting is carried out: you arrive in Novosibirsk, contact realtors and waste your precious time for choosing the convenient option, reviewing available rooms, examining all the variety of nuances connected to that. That’s your precious time! There’s very little chance to rent a good apartment in the center of Novosibirsk for a little amount of money.

In that case, Hotel “N” has obvious advantages:

1 – located near the center of Novosibirsk;
2 – within walking distance from Railway Station, Subway Station and public transport stop;
3 – we arrange transfer to the hotel or call taxi on your request. If you’ve got a car, open air and closed parking are at your service;
4 – the administrator of the hotel will always help you solve any problem;
5 – if you’d like to book a room, you just need to call the administrator or leave your request on our website, it takes no more than 3 minutes;
6 – you don’t need to waste your time on searching, as you get the room you’ve chosen;
7 – the administration of our hotel guarantees the maximal level of comfort, being responsible for that by its reputation;
8 – comparatively low prices for the rooms of Hotel “N” and the possibility to benefit from the special offers and promotions will save your money;
9 – there is all you need for comfortable rest in the rooms of Hotel “N”.

Do you want to stay near Rechnoy Vokzal metro station?

Логотип гостиницы Золотое руно Новосибирск

We are waiting for you to visit!

Novosibirsk, Fabrichnaya str., 20