Novosibirsk “Globus” Theater

Театр Глобус - достопримечательность Новосибирска

Novosibirsk Globus Theater is one of the eldest theaters of Novosibirsk. It was founded in 1930. It has a diverse repertoire of various genres, staging of different directing schools. Novosibirsk Globus Theater is located in its original building, stylized as a sailing ship and built in 1984.

The 4th of April is treated as the date of the theater’s foundation and the beginning of its activity. The first permanent theater in Novosibirsk was opened with the staging of Leonid Makaryev’s play “Timoshka’s mine”. This theater became the first continuer of the Leningrad Youth Theater. The theater troupe consisted of actors and directors of the Leningrad Youth Theater (NF Mikhailov, V. Stratilatov, EG Agaronova and others).

Today Globus Theater consists of two stages: a large stage, with an auditorium for 500 seats, and a small one – for 180 seats. Every year the theater performs 8 – 9 premieres, many of which become prominent theater events. There are 46 performances in the theater’s repertoire, which are held both on the large stage and on the small one.

The repertoire of Globus Theater consists of the performances of different directions: melodramas, commedia dell’arte, sitcoms, psychological and philosophical plays. Particular attention is still payed to children’s performances based on classical fairy tales.

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You can get to the Globus Theater from our hotel:
by taxi (12 minutes)
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by public transport (34 minutes)
Театр Глобус - достопримечательность Новосибирска

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