“Novosibirsk Glavnyiy” Railway station

“Novosibirsk Glavnyiy” is the largest passenger railway station in Russia, situated in the city and the region of the same name. Built in 1939, the biggest railway station complex of Siberia is a part of the West Siberian Railway Company.

The complex includes a passenger building, 14 platforms, an underground passage, luggage rooms, a hotel in the East Hall with 64 rooms, a local train hall with an area of more than 4 000 square meters and a by-pass bridge to Vladimirskaya Street. The station area is 29 thousand square meters. Its simultaneous capacity is 3900 passengers. The annual passenger flow is 16 million people.

The main city station has changed its name for several times. Until 1909, it was called “Ob”, then it was given a new name – “Novo-Nicolaevsk”, and in 1926, it was renamed into “Novo-Sibirsk”. In time, the hyphen was lost and the word “Novosibirsk” became the main signboard of the city. The new railway station was originally called “Novosibirsk-First”. That was its name on the drawing of the year 1932.

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You can get to the railway station from our hotel:
by taxi (7 minutes)
by walk (13 minutes)
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