Water park “Akvamir”

Аквапарк “Аквамир”

“Akvamir by Kvarsis” is a sport-and-health complex with a water park and a thermal zone. It is situated on the left bank of the River Ob on Yarinskaya Street, near Dimitrovskiy bridge, a 10 minutes’ drive from Hotel “N”.

There is an amazing wave swimming pool covering 1000 m2 in Novosibirsk water park “Akvamir by Kvarsis”. This attraction will take you to the Mediterranean beach. The oncoming waves in deep waters of the pool and small swashes in its shallow part guarantee pleasure for visitors of any age. Novosibirsk water park “Akvamir by Kvarsis” is a separate thematic water town for adult visitors with children. Children’s water park includes 80 attractions, slides and pools, children’s café for 50 people. The capacity is 400 people at a time.

Aquapark Novosibirsk is more than 150 water attractions, including such slides as:
“Manta” is represented only in Japanese outdoor water park. It creates an amazing feeling of a sharp fall from the crazy height. You can slide it alone or together on a rubber ring (length – 143 m; height – 16,3 m);
Slides for thrill-seekers that are represented today only in Europe and North America:
“Aqua Loop” with a loop-the-loop is for the bravest and the most desperate people (length – 96m; height – 16,8m);
“Aqua Sphere” with high swings up to 90o , with light and sound effects and translucent walls in every sphere. You can slide it on a triple boat (length – 156 m; height – 16 m);
“Constrictor” is a twisting like a snake slide with ornate spirals and the sharpest turns. You can conquer it on a single- or double seater rubber ring (length – 135m; height – 16m).

аквапарк Новосибирска, рядом Гостиница Н (фото)

Come and visit Novosibirsk water park! We will gladly receive and accommodate you in Hotel “N”. The administrator of our hotel will answer all your questions and will give you the additional information on Novosibirsk water park, will help you with the choice of the transport and the shortest way.
Hotel “N” is located not far from the water park in the historical center of Novosibirsk. We hope you’ll be interested in visiting us and will enjoy your staying!

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You can get from “Hotel N” to “Akvamir by Kvarsis”:
7 minutes by taxi
26 minutes by public transport
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